The Fed cut interest rates to zero, but don’t expect to see 0% mortgages anytime soon. More »

Social distancing likely to affect physical mortgage closings. More »

Treasury yields rebound slightly as investors await clarity on fiscal stimulus: 10yr UST down 26/32 to yield of 0.806% | UMBS 2.5% down 1/32 | UMBS 3.0% down 1/32 | UMBS 3.5% down 3+/32 | UMBS 4.0% down 4/32 | UMBS 4.5% down 6+/32 (all as of 9:17 am ET) More »

Vice Capital Markets in the News

Vice Capital Markets Sets Internal Record for Monthly Trade Volume

Vice Capital Markets announced today that the company has more than doubled its monthly trade volume over a 90-day period, setting several internal records. Trade volume totals reached during this period include $11.5 billion in March, $13.4 billion in April and $12.4 billion in May. “Despite the market chaos brought

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One way credit unions can make mortgages more profitable

As lenders and independent mortgage companies aggressively attempt to attract consumers, credit unions must be ever mindful to optimize all competitive advantages they possess. Generally, credit union members are a loyal bunch and want to keep their business in-house. However, as members, they also expect lower fees and competitive rates.

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New Fed purchases may help bolster MBS, but rates remain volatile

Additional mortgage-backed securities purchases by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will address private investor skittishness about the asset class, but it will not necessarily lower rates. “Right now the only meaningful end buyer is the Fed and while they’ve been in the market every day this week, it’s

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The market outlook for the coming year is surprisingly familiar

“New year, new me” seems to be the popular slogan for 2020. While this may not be a completely apt description of the mortgage market outlook for the coming year, the market can expect to see some changes, particularly in the specified pool and to-be-announced markets, alongside a continuation of

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The benefits of the digital mortgage for hedging are not clear

Digital is today’s mortgage lending watchword. Stem to stern, every aspect of the mortgage process has felt either a direct or ripple effect of an intense, industry-wide focus on automation, including its most esoteric element: hedging. However, even as the benefits of going digital in origination, closing and servicing are fairly clear

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Notes on interest rate direction

Many believe that if you talk long enough about a recession, eventually we’ll see one. Chris Bennett, Principal at Vice Capital Markets, Inc. sent out a note to clients back last Friday the 13th on proverbial blood in the streets in the town of Chicago. (“There’s blood in the streets, it’s

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Diving in: What lenders need to know about the specified pool market

Moving from best execution to mandatory represents a significant milestone in the evolution of a mortgage lender’s secondary marketing department, but the growth doesn’t stop there. Adding custom, or specified, pools helps lenders diversify their execution strategy, thereby maximizing profitability and adding additional cash flow to secondary activities. What’s more,

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Vendor news: OpenClose completes integration with Vice Capital Markets

OpenClose has completed its integration with Vice Capital Markets resulting in advanced hedging automation. The integration takes loan-level lock data from OpenClose’s LenderAssist™ LOS and securely transmits it directly to Vice Capital’s hedging platform. This eliminates multiple manual steps and potential “break-points” in the overall process thus saving time, reducing errors, and increasing visibility that

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OpenClose and Vice Capital Markets integrate for enhanced hedging automation

OpenClose has announced the completion of an integration with Vice Capital Markets Inc., an established mortgage hedge advisory firm. Focused on maximizing hedging efficiencies, the new interface reduces the time to prepare and deliver loan data and eliminates the manual intervention that occurs today, automating an ongoing seamless delivery of data. In

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Mortgage tech rundown

OpenClose announced an integration with Vice Capital Markets that will maximize hedging efficiencies and reduce preparation and delivery time for acquired loan data. The integration utilizes loan-level lock data from OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS and embeds it directly into Vice Capital’s hedging platform. According to the company, this will eliminate multiple manual steps and

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